In our new World do we still need the morning meeting?

Do we need a daily production meeting with supervisors/team leaders debating around a white board while struggling with social distancing?

A ‘Live’ production schedule shared across the factory, means everyone is working against the Master Schedule which reflects the current commitment dates to your customer. This drives your ‘order to cash‘ strategy.  Each area or operation uses their linked schedule. (i.e. should something change everyone is aware immediately and can take action.  As each operation completes, they update their screen.  Everyone now has the same information.

Using the powerful reporting tools you have access to the complete history of the production process, from user, time, quantities, operation etc….. Decision can be made using ‘real’ data.

Using the ‘job suspend’ operators can quickly flag problems and the team leader or supervisor can quickly deal with the issues and keep production flowing.

If an operator can complete all of today’s work by lunchtime, he would be available to assist a ‘bottleneck’ area so the production unit can achieve today’s delivery target.

What a difference this makes for a supervisor, who can now spend time working on ‘real value added tasks’ making significant savings to the manufacturing unit.

Just think about the amount of time saved across a production unit.  Are you ready to focus on the real KPI –  ‘Order to Cash’

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