How to see ‘Live’ information on an order

To find out about the current status of a ‘Live’ order, the quickest method is to select the job on the Master schedule.  Should an operator encounter a problem they can suspend a job for various reasons, maybe:- shortage of material, or lack of drawing information. (The system can be set up to provide different reasons for each work station to avoid generic meaningless reasons).  Any job that goes into the suspend category, immediately goes bright PINK on all schedules.

This means no further work can be carried out on these parts until the suspension is lifted.  (A feature of the system means that only the operation that suspended the job can lift the suspension).

If you require more details regarding the operation and the quantity of parts already manufactured then, select the particular job and open the drill-down.

You can see these parts have an issue with a drawing at job release.  Now imagine we are running the daily meeting, we focus on ‘real’ issues and push for action.

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