Connect Your Factory

Our industry-specific Shop-Floor software gives control over your factory.

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Connected Factory

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designed to support your unique ways of working, not the other way round

Everyone working with the same information

  • Our solutions find a home across the factory,  sharing data from order to delivery and gathering vital information to assist making better decisions.
  • The synergy provides tremendous gains, having everyone working on the same ‘hymn sheet

Electronic Assembly

Road Sign manufacturing

Pallet & Content Tracking

Fabrication Workshop

Panel Production


  • Information from your existing management systems  made visible across the factory, utilising ‘easy to use interfaces’.
  • We save the operator time using intuitive friendly screens which helps system adoption.
  • Orders get delivered easier, better, faster and cheaper.
  • The flexibility enables you to scale, extend or diversify your operations with ease.

Getting Started

Real Data For You To Make Decisions And Exceed Customer Expectations.

  • Our  in-built flexibility ensures you gain the maximum benefit depending on how you want to run your business.
  • We take time to understand your current ordering processing.  If it’s a clever’ spreadsheet, or a leading Sales ordering system, you decide what information is required for the factory.
  • Working with your team, we can quickly assist implementation and help you get benefit’s right from the start.
  • Increasingly we see more and more failures with Full ERP system implementations.(Est 70%+)
  • Having one system try to do everything sounds great, unfortunately it becomes all or nothing.
  • Utilising ‘best in class’ interconnected systems, de-risks and allows you to focus on getting each piece right.
  • Orders uploaded and appear on Master Schedule against Customer Promise Date.
  • RedAmberGreen status against every order.  Everyone has the same information
  • Delivery dates changes communicated  immediately across the factory.
  • Operators always working against a single plan.
  • Suspend an order using predefined reason codes, immediately turns purple on all schedules alerting of a problem.

Master Schedule showing order status, Drag & Drop for date changes.

Operator Schedule showing order status, Alway synchronised to Master Schedule

Operator touchscreen showing key order information.

Factory Status Screen showing 'Live' information with drill down to each opeartion.


  • Set up your own KPI’s to drive performance.
  • Monitor ‘On-Time Delivery In Full’ against promise date.
  • Using our Pivot reporting you ‘cut & slice’ your data the way you need it.
    • Orders, factory movements, sizes, colours, operators, machine performance etc…..
  • Problem solving using ‘Real’ data, ‘Live’ feedback on any changes.
  • Allowing you to better manage your business – with Data driven decisions.